We are a group of users focused on expanding the breadth and depth of Groovy and Grails development skills with our members who live and work in the DFW area. Our meetings are on the 1st Wednesday of every month (social & food at 6:30pm, meeting content at 7:00pm) at the NEW Improving office in Plano.

General Announcement

Starting with the June 2017 meeting we will be focusing on introducing new members to Groovy. We will have a series of talks that will bring them up to speed on Groovy, Gradle, Grails and application development. Please bring your friend, neighbor and co-worker, especially if they are familiar with Java, as the ramp-up is very easy.


What’s so Groovy About Groovy

07 June 2017 – Erik Weibust

This will be an intro level Groovy presentation suitable for beginners to Groovy and programming


03 May 2017 – None

Gathering Groovy 101 topics and assigning presenters.

Moving Your Company to Groovy (or any new technology really)

05 April 2017 – David Clark

Getting your company to have an open mind about new technologies.

Ersatz Mock Server and 2017 Meeting Brainstorming

01 March 2017 – Christopher J. Stehno

A quick introduction to the Ersatz Mock Server and more 2017 meeting planning.

The What and Whys of HttpBuilder NG and 2017 Meeting Brainstorming

01 February 2017 – David Clark and Chris Stehno

The What and Whys of HttpBuilder NG and 2017 Meeting Brainstorming

No Meeting this Month

04 January 2017 – None

No meeting

Gradle Plugins 101

07 December 2016 – Christopher J Stehno

An overview of Gradle plugin development.

A Gentle Introduction to Gradle

02 November 2016 – Christopher J Stehno

A practical guide to getting started with Gradle.


05 October 2016 –

No meeting this month while Improving moves to new office

High Performance Groovy

07 September 2016 – David Clark

High Performance Groovy

Functional Programming with Groovy

03 August 2016 – Bill Fly

Functional Programming with Groovy

Modern Groovy DSLs

06 July 2016 – David Clark

Making DSL’s in groovy has changed a lot since Groovy 1.0… We’ll talk about what makes a good DSL and how to implement one.

Multi-tenancy with Grails

01 June 2016 – Sunny Thandassery

Multi-tenancy with Grails

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