We are a group of users focused on expanding the breadth and depth of Groovy and Grails development skills with our members who live and work in the DFW area. Our meetings are on the 1st Wednesday of every month (social & food at 6:30pm, meeting content at 7:00pm) at the NEW Improving office in Plano.

General Announcement

Starting with the June 2017 meeting we will be focusing on introducing new members to Groovy. We will have a series of talks that will bring them up to speed on Groovy, Gradle, Grails and application development. Please bring your friend, neighbor and co-worker, especially if they are familiar with Java, as the ramp-up is very easy.

Profile of HealthNewsReview.

Profile of on Journal of Participatory Medicine e-patient Dave DeBronkart released a review/profile of our task on the site from the JOPM. It really is difficult to do something responsibly without great details. The critiques and methodology shown on this website can help individuals provide better quality details towards the care and attention relationship using their clinicians, and help all celebrations make smarter educated decisions. Cautious scrutiny of health news flash could be a powerful enabler of participatory medicine due to the radical differences in focus between your patient, who need to look after just their personal illnesses and conditions, as well as the clinician, who got to know on the subject of and manage many.Additionally, lawmakers funded a opioid pilot project for Fresh Hanover State. In at least one study, Wilmington was found to really have the highest price of overdose in the country wide nation.

Diabetes in your DNA? Scientists zero in on the genetic signature of risk Why carry out some sociable people get Type 2 diabetes, while some who live exactly the same lifestyle never carry out? For many years, scientists have tried to resolve this mystery – and also have found a lot more than 80 small DNA differences that appear to raise the threat of the disease in a few people, or secure others through the damagingly high degrees of blood vessels sugar which are its hallmark. But no-one ‘Type 2 diabetes personal’ has emerged out of this search. Now, a group of scientists offers reported a finding that may explain how multiple genetic defects can result in exactly the same disease.