We are a group of users focused on expanding the breadth and depth of Groovy and Grails development skills with our members who live and work in the DFW area. Our meetings are on the 1st Wednesday of every month (social & food at 6:30pm, meeting content at 7:00pm) at the NEW Improving office in Plano.

General Announcement

Starting with the June 2017 meeting we will be focusing on introducing new members to Groovy. We will have a series of talks that will bring them up to speed on Groovy, Gradle, Grails and application development. Please bring your friend, neighbor and co-worker, especially if they are familiar with Java, as the ramp-up is very easy.


An intensive physical test will be conducted to evaluate for any other injuries.

If the individual should be moved, avoid motions of the neck, back again, and injured collarbone as much as possible to avoid further injuries. If it is clear just a broken collarbone is usually involved, the most crucial treatment is treatment. The arm should be moved less than possible. An ice pack covered in a towel should be applied right to the broken collarbone. Aspirin, ibuprofen , and acetaminophen work over-the-counter discomfort relievers for adults; prevent aspirin use in kids. A homemade sling could be formed from a big handkerchief, or towel, or from the triangle bandage found in most home first aid kits. Continue reading

And funding partners Sierra Wellness Basis.

By concentrating on the populace of crossover youth , successful interventions will have a broader effect on all youth across both systems. Kids in the juvenile justice system face numerous unique challenges that remain unaddressed frequently. After reaching adulthood, nearly all these small children lack education, are disconnected from family members and social networks, encounter poverty and, without the sufficient support, too migrate in to the adult criminal justice system frequently. Related StoriesInnovative single-use torque instruments utilize difficult polycarbonate from BayerDiagnosing traumatic mind injury through a blood check: an interview with Dr KorleyInnovative single-use torque instruments utilize challenging polycarbonate from Bayer ‘For too long, juvenile justice hasn’t addressed the root factors behind why our children get trapped in these systems and has done little to break through the cycle,’ said Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, keynote speaker at Tuesday's release event and co-chair of California's new Select Committee on Justice Reinvestment. Continue reading

Still few people in fact understand this is of this process.

A lot of people know very well what they where they want to go in their life but need a proper guidance to be able to achieve their goals in a proper manner. It is coach’s responsibility to help their clients focus on their goals to be able to grow steadily within their personal and professional career. A regular coaching comprises of a trainer who ask your client different types of questions to solve the hazards he may become facing. By the answers of the client, the coach understands the hazards that are blocking the improvement of your client in his life. He can information him in a proper manner to accomplish his goals. This technique takes time and endeavor from both the client and the coach’s viewpoint. Nonetheless, the positive outcomes could be much satisfying. There are several stakes also, nonetheless, of clients who aren’t content with the ongoing providers of the coach. Continue reading

And preventing 1 million children from dying from measles over five years.

5 million children between your ages of nine weeks and a decade will become immunized by 50,000 experienced vaccinators and 750,000 mobilized volunteers, through a lot more than 100,000 schools and 150,000 Expanded System on Immunization centers. When completed, the Bangladesh campaign would be the largest measles vaccination marketing campaign in history. The largest campaign completed to day was in Nigeria with 28.5 million children vaccinated. This is actually the second stage of the measles advertising campaign in Bangladesh. Phase Among the campaign occurred in September 2005 where around 1.37 million kids were vaccinated against measles in the Bogra and Rajshai districts and also in Rajshahi City Company. Continue reading

Are electronic medical information leading to higher medical bills?

Kaiser Family Foundation. Kaiser Health Information, an unbiased news service editorially, is an application of the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan healthcare policy research organization unaffiliated with Kaiser Permanente.. Are electronic medical information leading to higher medical bills? THE GUTS For Public Integrity: Growth Of Electronic Medical Records Eases Path To Inflated Bills Electronic medical records, longer touted by government officials as a crucial tool for cutting healthcare costs, seem to be prompting some doctors and hospitals to bill higher fees to Medicare for treating seniors . Continue reading