Replacing Struts with Grails: Project Review and Lessons Learned

04 October 2011 - Bob Makowski


This is a project and technology comparative review of a commercial grade Groovy / Grails application that replaced Struts in a .gov domain.

Reviewing some design and code, as appropriate, the emphasis is on "Lessons Learned", so you can advocate Groovy and Grails, as a design win vs. traditional Java EE approaches.

We will cover the project starting point, goals, approach, technology decisions, development experience and project results. We will also learn a bit about leveraging the Amazon cloud on this project.


Bob Makowski has 3 phases in his career: Real-Time, UNIX standards & UNIX Internationalization, and Java EE. Highlights include Real-Time satcom and launch communications on Shuttle Launch Processing, work on Space Station Freedom, and architect on a Canadian Weather Radar. Bob was the UNIX Standards Architect at Bell Labs, an officer of an IEEE Posix standard, and did Java EE architect work at Marshall Space Flight's Propulsion Division, American Airlines, US Army, and Lockheed's F-35 Parts Data Management System.