The Holy Grails: Hands-On Workshop - Part 2

07 September 2011 - Erik Weibust


The September meeting will be a continuation of our August meeting. We will spend a few minutes in the beginning of the meeting getting newcomers caught up, and refreshing attendees from last month on where we left off.

Grails is a Groovy-based, rapid-application development platform for building web and web-service applications that run on the JVM.

This session will be very "hands-on". Please bring your laptop and plan to "learn while doing." I will start with a high-level intro to Grails, and then we will start building a demo application. By the time we are done you will have built custom domain objects, controllers, gsps, services and tag libraries.

This hands-on workshop will be spread over two months, August and September.


Erik Weibust is a Sr Architect at Credera. Erik is very active in the DFW technology user group scene. Erik helps lead JavaMUG, a DFW Java focused user group. Erik also helps lead the DFW2GUG, a Groovy and Grails focused user group in Dallas. Erik was also the founder of the Spring Dallas UG. A group focused on promoting and educating Dallas Java developers on the Spring Framework.

You can follow Erik on Twitter - @erikweibust or keep up with him on his blog - Erik's Hmm....