No More Ugly Grails

04 April 2012 - Tim Sporcic


While Grails has brought increased productivity and happiness to Java developers, our users still end up getting sites that look like they were made by developers for developers. Enter Twitter Bootstrap. Bootstrap is an open source project created by the guys and girls from Twitter that brings together a best-practices based CSS which incorporates user interface components and a grid layout. Combined, these make it easy for non-designers to create consistent, responsive, and, dare say, good looking websites for our users. This talk with cover the basics of Bootstrap and how to make use of it in a Grails application, including layout and some of the core widgets


Tim Sporcic is a software architect with Credera. He has over a decade experience in Java, ranging from embedded systems to large enterprise systems in the financial services space. He has been playing with Grails on various small projects for the past year. He has been in the DFW area for almost a decade now and is active in the local user group communities.