From Zero to Hero(ku) in 30 minutes, quickly prototype Grails apps on Heroku

06 June 2012 - Morgan Nelson


Quickly prototyping apps is becoming more important every day, but sharing those prototypes can be difficult when they only exist on your laptop. June's talk will cover how to get a Grails app quickly setup on Heroku, why you might or might not want to, and workflow imposed by the platform.

We'll cover the basics of git/git-flow/github, postgresql, heroku, pgadmin3, and more. We'll be doing some hands on stuff, so be sure to have both a heroku account, and a github account setup before you come so you can follow along.


Morgan Nelson is a co-founder of the DFW Groovy/Grails User Group, and a Senior Software Engineer with, a supplier of hotel accommodations world wide. With 9 years in software development, and over a decade in network administration/operations, his experience is diverse and unusual. Professionally a Ruby on Rails developer, Morgan wishes he had more time to play with Groovy and Grails.