An Introduction to Scala

07 March 2012 - Brent Lemons


Scala is a general purpose programming language, smoothly integrating object-oriented and functional paradigms. Code compiles down to Java compatible byte code and runs on the JVM. It has become the foundation for high transaction organizations such as Twitter and FourSquare.

This presentation will focus on introducing attendees to the high level concepts of Scala. We will focus on basic object/class structures, functional concepts and integrating with Java. The goal of the presentation is to encourage attendees to experiment with Scala and to provide a platform upon which to compare and contrast different JVM based languages.


Brent Lemons (@brentlemons) is an Architect with Credera. He has more than 13 years of software architecture and technology consulting experience. He started his career with Southwest Airlines, writing flight tracking and meteorological software. Prior to joining Credera, he was the CTO for a cloud based electronic medical records company. Much of his career has focused on Java based high transaction, computationally intensive application development. He has experience in the transportation, energy, travel and leisure and health care industries.