Intro to Scala, Part 2: The Lift Web Framework

02 May 2012 - Brent Lemons


In March, we had the opportunity to learn the basics of Scala. This month we will dig deeper into Scala through an introduction to the Lift web framework. Lift is a "View First" web framework, inspired by the Apache Wicket framework. It favors convention over configuration and packages into a war file that can be deployed in your favorite servlet engine. This presentation will focus on creating a basic Lift site. Attendees will learn to initialize a project, work with the Mapper ORM, create browser views and RESTful services. Finally, we will touch on AJAX and Comet integration


Brent Lemons (@brentlemons) is an Architect with Credera. He has more than 13 years of software architecture and technology consulting experience. He started his career with Southwest Airlines, writing flight tracking and meteorological software. Prior to joining Credera, he was the CTO for a cloud based electronic medical records company. Much of his career has focused on Java based high transaction, computationally intensive application development. He has experience in the transportation, energy, travel and leisure and health care industries.