Meta-programming with Groovy & Grails

05 September 2012 - Sunny Thandassery


The dynamic features of the Groovy programming language enable you to effortlessly change behavior at runtime, intercept methods, and execute dynamic code without writing reams of code. We explore how these features are leveraged by Grails (to implement dynamic Hibernate finders, Builders, etc.) or how you could use it for your apps. Groovy, baby!


Sunny Thandassery's entrepreneurial endeavors always have him looking for solutions with quick returns while maximizing existing investments. This search lead him to the Grails development framework and the Amazon Cloud (AWS) platform for running his companies' SaaS applications. He has spent the last 5 years focused on these technologies and is always happy to share his insights and expertise. He is the founder of BluSynergy, a provider of billing and payments solutions for SaaS/Cloud companies.