AST Transformations with Groovy

04 September 2013 - David Clark


AST Transformations are becoming more important with each new release of Groovy. For example, most of the new features in the 2.1 release of Groovy involve AST Transformations. But, most Groovy users are not aware of what they do and how to go about writing one themselves. This presentation will (hopefully) help you do both. We'll cover what an AST is, how to transform one, and why this is useful. Learning more about AST transformations, even if you never write one yourself, make Groovy a much more powerful and versatile language in your hands.


David Clark is a Software Engineer at Tektronix Communications, located in Plano, TX. He has 14 years of experience working with Groovy, Java, C++, and Visual Basic (but don't tell anyone about that last one). His interests are in all things JVM and Groovy related, especially if it involves multi-threaded and meta programming. He is crazy in that he actually likes to do presentations. He lives in the DFW area with his wife and three kids.

Presentation link at github: