Conquering Database Migrations With Flyway, Gradle, Groovy, and Git

05 November 2014 - David Clark


Most tools, technologies, and processes focus on improving source code, application design, application architecture, etc. What is missing in all of this is managing the creation and migration of databases. This is ironic since the database is typically much more valuable to a company than are the applications and databases almost always outlive applications designed for them. We will cover managing database migrations using simple, yet powerful tools: Flyway, Gradle, Groovy, and Git.


David Clark is a software engineer working for ResearchNow. His current responsibilities are 1) developing tools for improving database deployment speed and accuracy and 2) Improving and simplifying data access in ResearchNow applications. Both make heavy use of Groovy. In the past he worked in Telecommunications and the financial/banking worlds using Java technologies. He has used Groovy since the 1.0 release in 2007.