Introduction to Lattice CF

02 December 2015 - Dave Shuck


A focal point of the 2015 Spring One 2GX Conference was centered on the cloud, and specifically Cloud Foundry. One barrier to introduction for small teams is that Cloud Foundry has been a bit of an all or nothing proposition until now. The goal of Lattice is to be convenient and accessible to developer-produced infrastructure components that are small enough to be deployed on a laptop, but capable of scaling to manage resilient cloud native applications on any infrastructure. Join Dave Shuck as we walk through the basics of Lattice.


Dave Shuck is a Consulting Systems Developer at BNSF Railway. He has been a been a software developer for 16 years, primarily around the web ecosystem. Since joining BNSF in 2014, his focus has centered on Groovy and Spring Boot development. Outside of technology, Dave's time is spent in outdoor sports, and in service as Mayor of Providence Village, TX