Exploring the Spring Boot Remote Shell

02 March 2016 - Christopher J. Stehno


Do you ever find yourself wanting simple shell access to your running application? Sure, Grails has the Groovy Shell, but you haven't seen anything yet. The CRaSH shell embedded in Spring Boot provides a rich embedded shell environment in your application with all the features you need. This talk will cover how to setup the shell and how to write your own shell commands so you can increase the visibility and control over your application.


Christopher J. Stehno is a Sr Engineer at Research Now in Plano, TX. He has been a Java developer and Web Developer for more than 15 years and a Groovy developer for five years. In his fee time he enjoys hacking on his personal projects, exploring the DFW area with his wife, reading pulpy science fiction novels and hiking, when the trails aren’t under water.