A Gentle Introduction to Gradle

02 November 2016 - Christopher J Stehno


Gradle is a flexible and powerful build system that you have probably heard of but may have never really used; it can seem a bit unapproachable starting off. We will work through some Groovy-based examples of getting started with Gradle and how to hit the ground running and doing some real work.

If you missed the meeting you can read a great blog post from Chris that covers the same Intro to Gradle material he covered in the meeting.


Christopher J. Stehno is a Sr Engineer at NetScout in Plano, TX. He has been a Java developer and Web Developer for more than 16 years and a Groovy developer for six years. In his free time he enjoys hacking on his personal projects, exploring the DFW area with his wife, reading pulpy science fiction novels and hiking.